Victor Vernon Woolf, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board


Founder and Chairman of The International Academy of Holodynamics (IAH)

Founder and Chairman of Holodynamic Knowledge Systems Inc. (HKSI)

Director of International Academy of Natural Science

Co-director of the Holodynamis Project.

Vernon Wolf The Academy of Holodynamics was originally organized within the Academy of Natural Science of Russia, within the Division of Noosphere. It was founded to promote the integration of all branches of SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION, EDUCATION and SOCIAL STRUCTURE in order to help unfold potential consciousness on the planet. In 2005 the International Academy of Holodynamics was organized in the United States of America. The Academy sponsors educational classes, workshops and programs in Holodynamics throughout the world.

Holodynamic Knowledge Systems Inc. was organized in 2012 in order to implement new technologies into various ontologies (belief systems) so future generations could better survive and thrive.

The International Academy of Natural Science a 501c3 educational foundation in support of future global environmental sustainability.

The Holodynamis Project is a combination of scientists, economists, environmentalists and inventors who agreed to combine their technologies to produce renewable and sustainable energy, water, food, residences, transportation and ecological balance.

Dr. Woolf is the author of 16n books (refer to Books). In addition, Dr. Woolf consults with individuals and businesses. He is an internationally known public speaker, an experienced trainer, seminar leader, therapist, and entrepreneur. His specialty is improving relationships and building high performance teams through the holistic study of situational dynamics. His "Unfolding Potential" Seminars, which began in the United States, have now expanded worldwide. During the Cold War his team created support chapters in more than 100 cities in Russia, where more than 600 trained and certified teachers were operating as part of the transformation of the Soviet Union. He has now fully recovered from the assassination attempt made in Dubna, Russia in 1997.


Doctorate of Philosophy in Child Development and Family Relations: Marriage and Family Therapy; Brigham Young University; Provo, Utah, 1973.

Master's Degree in Religious Education and Educational Psychology; Brigham Young University; Provo, Utah, 1968.

Bachelor's of Science and Education in Physics, Chemistry and Education; University of Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta Canada, 1962.


Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Identity Committee, Utah State Chapter Chairman, 1974, active member, 1973-present.

Professor of Economics and Law (honorary) Irkutsk, Russia 1996

Creative Center for Children, Moscow, Russia, Advisor 1994-1998

National Institute on Drug Abuse Accreditation and Licensing Committee, State of Utah, Vice Chairman, 1972

Sue E. Alexander, BA, MBA
Executive Director
Sue Alexander
Executive Director: The International Academy of Natural Science
Director & Chief Operations Officer: The International Academy of Holodynamics, Inc.
Director: Holodynamic Knowledge Systems, Inc.
Founder and President: Earthsongs, Inc.

Personal Mission/Vision

Vision: An experience of unfolding consciousness that brings people together in cooperation and collaboration to form solutions to our environmental challenges in partnerships that are innovative, productive, effective, and profitable to all.

Mission: To help establish the means by which new, environmentally sound technologies can be researched, developed, and brought to market, and to do so within the framework of a high level of consciousness. To teach the science of consciousness.

Summary of Experience

2012-Present: Director, Holodynamic Knowledge Systems, Inc, a Nevada Corporation whose mission is to bring new environmentally clean technologies to market.

2001-Present: Founder and Director, The International Academy of Natural Science, a 50lc3 nonprofit Arizona corporation, whose mission is to investigate, identify, catalog, and integrate practical technologies in renewable energy and urban planning to produce comprehensive sustainable community solutions. To establish a network of academies and scientists in support of joint missions. To maintain R&D incubator and business accelerator.

2007-Present: Executive VP of Operations, The International Academy of Holodynamics, Inc., a Nevada corporation, led by Victor Vernon Woolf, Ph.D, an internationally respected author and lecturer in human consciousness training. Responsibilities include all aspects of company operations, including teaching the science of consciousness through seminars and written materials, personal and professional consultation.

1999-Present: Founder and President of Earthsongs, Inc., a company that designs and manufactures sales items for Visitor Centers in National Parks and Public Lands to raise funds for their environmental education and conservation programs.

1997-1999: Executive Director, Joshua Tree National Park Association, wherein I designed, built, and managed three visitor centers which increased sales by 300% within 18 months.

1985-1996: Professional Consultant, specializing in helping small-to-mid sizes businesses reach their potential.

1969-1984: I launched a number of successful retail stores in the Midwest, including a clothing store chain, paint center, arts/crafts center, interior decorating studio, gifts & decorative accessories, carpet & wallpaper, antique furniture.

Early-career corporate experience includes Marketing, Market Research, New Product Development, Trouble-shooting, and Human Resources at Firestone and Abbott Laboratories.


Mary A. Chicoine, Advisory Board, The International Academy of Natural Science

Mary A. Chicoine is the principal of Momentum Catalysts, a firm that provides institutional advancement services to non-profit organizations. Her areas of expertise include: strategic planning, integrated marketing, board and volunteer development, and all aspects of fundraising. She has served as the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, College Chief Financial Officer and University Instructor, and functioned as Interim Executive and Advancement Leadership for several organizations.

Active in the advancement arena since 1985, Mary has contributed her expertise to many local and national non-profit boards and organizations as a consultant and volunteer. Her mission has always been to lead individuals and organizations to their highest destiny. Ms. Chicoine holds coaching certification in several areas. Her work has been recognized in the Chronicle of Higher Education and USA Today. She received a B.S. degree from Loyola University and an M.S.A. degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Clayton Hanna, Advisory Board, The International Academy of Natural Science

As a disbursement representative for large, world-class financial Foundations and Trusts for very large humanitarian projects, Mr. Hanna has written and vetted out many hundreds of business plans and project proposals in order to gauge their appropriate readiness for funding. He is driven by the recognition that the sustainability of the planet is in question, and that in order to thrive a dramatic shift must occur in the way we perceive the environment, people and all life. His personal mission in achieving this is to locate, vet and fund projects that will be effective to this end.

Clayton has founded and operated several businesses in the municipal sector. His companies provided supplies to 710 municipalities, cities and towns for water treatment plants and swimming pools. In addition, his company conducted custom toxic waste chemical destruction to non-detectability in Canada and the United States. As the co-author of the Code and Practice for use of Ozone in Swimming Pools and Spas, he has shared his expertise as an instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, the Kelsey Institute in Saskatoon, and the Gimli Institute of Technology in Winnipeg.


John Scott Moore, Advisory Board, The International Academy of Natural Science

Mr. Moore has 25 years of experience in various aspects of information technology, ranging from an international entrepreneurial company to a large Canadian communications corporation. He is President and Chief Information Officer of Precise Transcript Management, a legal services firm marketing UTFx, and an enterprise-certified evidentiary platform for justice. His experience includes the creation of a wide variety of innovative service-related information technology applications in finance, and legal publishing, as well as hi-tech and oil field service and supply markets. His specialty is to create innovative technical applications and solutions. He has advanced education in court reporting, UNIX system administration, and marketing.


Gary Reilly, Advisory Board, The International Academy of Natural Science

Gary is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clean Globe Energy Corporation. Clean Globe is currently at the global forefront of process design and alternative energy systems focused on the full life cycle and clean conversion of all fresh waste forms and/or landfills into useable and saleable commodities, organic fertilizers, base-load power and/or liquid fuels.

He invented a fully-integrated "life cycle analysis" program to extend current environmental advancement systems as a trend-setting emerging market to source larger values of plastic into saleable commodities to key market drivers in the post-consumer conversion market globally.

The Clean Globe Facility is an engineering design that builds a continuum of solutions that maximize the entire life-cycle of waste from source generation to energy generation following the utilization of every single possible step available to extract all potential proponents from the materials, enhancing the ability to create more employment and yield greater returns on a single input source. Clean Globe's catalytic cracking technology is a cutting-edge, decentralized liquid fuels plant that converts all carbon based and/or organic wastes into a long-chain hydrocarbon (Syncrude).

Mr. Reilly leads a team of high developed pioneers from around the world including England, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the United States. His passion is to bring people together and motivate them to greater personal and corporate growth, and his ability to multi-task at the highest level and remain empathetic to the needs of people and the project as a whole is where his talents within project development lie.


Reinhold H. Ziegler, Advisory Board, The International Academy of Natural Science

Mr. Ziegler is the Chief Executive Officer of Synergy International Inc. Over the past 30 years he has worked extensively as an associate professor, researcher, designer, builder and manufacturer of renewable energy systems and regenerative and integrated architecture. He has achieved international recognition for his work with appropriate technology and sustainable design, including being inducted into the Green Hall of Fame.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree from the California Institute of Arts, a Master's from the University of California and is a Doctoral Candidate through the University of Hawaii.


Other Project Scientists, Businessmen, Researchers, Developers, Inventors and Participants Include:

Melton Chew, M.H. Chew and Associates; Curtis Cobb, Engineer; Mary T. Crowley, Ocean Voyages Institute; John J. Deneen, Extraordinary Innovations; Bob Dennison, Social Media Specialist; Mark Dubois, Worldwide Tides Foundation; Paul Emms, Clean Globe Energy; Fred Furrow, Remarkable Technologies, Inc.; Karl Gee, Adaptive Energy Systems; Dr. Glover, Project Management Specialist; Ray Gordon, Scientist; Jan Halfner, Ocean and Earth Science; Les Hamasaki, International Green Technology Institute; Paul Harris, Development; Francisco J. Heras-Guillen, Renewable Energy; Robert Horn, Science and Technology; Tablott Howard, Services and Solutions; Ryan Hulsker, Emergent Solutions; John Hutchison; David C. Losey, Nuclear Engineering and Plutonic Disposition; Nikolai Maximenko, International Pacific Research; William J. McDaniel, Retired Admiral, Transportation Arranging; Robert O'Keeffe, Thermodyne Industries, Radiation Remediation Technologies; Greg O'Neill, Team Building Specialist; Virgil Perryman, Earth Power International; Antonio Pinto, Waste-to-Energy and International Relations; Richard Jon Price, Thermodyne Industries; Eric Rasmussen, Water Radiation Advisor to UN Sec. General; Tim Reilly, Clean Globe Energy; Steve Ross, World Research Foundation; Paul Salter, Waste-to-Energy Systems; Gerhard Schalkwyk, Resonant Energy; Farid Seif, DuTemp Corporation; Paul Stamets, Taylor, Chindarat; Akira Tokuhiro; Stephan Venczel, World Technology Senate Radiation; Frank Venter, Waste Remediation Technology, Gary Vesperman; Frederick Winn, Services and Solutions; George Wiseman, De-radiation Scientist; Reinhold, Ziegler, Scientist, Rex Zietsman, Waste Remediation.