Making the Transition to Global Sustainability

As we experience perhaps the greatest transition in human history, we are challenged to help people to effectively transform unsustainable systems into those that will allow future generations to thrive in balance with nature. The International Academy of Natural Science (IAONS), a 501C3 non-profit organization, established to educate people how to implement humanitarian projects. IAONS represents a global team of experts to address the sustainability challenges currently being faced around the world. The implementation of these new technologies results in a compatible, peaceful, thriving relationship between peoples and the environment.

IAONS works collaboratively and strategically in making the transition from competition to creativity - from wasteful consumption to resource recovery and maintenance. Focus is placed implementing a shift from the profit-driven digital economic system and its many polarizations to an inclusive system built on scientific management of natural resources with access by all people.

In partnership with its strategic partners IAONS conducts research, performs due diligence, and combines the collective knowledge base with the laboratory as well as with manufacturing and the marketplace. IAONS provides services to support the the introduction of new technologies through business plan development, technology testing, risk mediation, and project oversight and implementation.

Humanitarian projects and programs supported by IAONS include but are not limited to:

  • Research and development including state of the art laboratories.
  • Environmental cleanup (air, land, water) and restoration;
  • Waste remediation (new technologies);
  • Water management systems including recovery and purification;
  • New resource creation;
  • Green industries and jobs;
  • Clean local energy systems, including storage and distribution;
  • Reforestation;
  • Industrial, local and home healthy, organic food production;
  • Sustainable self-energizing housing both temporary and permanent;
  • Wellness technologies and programs including wellness retreat centers;
  • Multi-dimensional information management systems to handle global monetary systems, judicial systems, natural resources;
  • Integrated, secure communications systems;
  • Risk remediation programs;
  • Education including trades and consciousness;
  • Training programs and job creation at all skill levels;
  • Social engineering program to engage the participation of the community;
  • Systemic social development; and
  • Disaster relief.

Shifting into new systems requires the implementation of new technologies that reach far beyond the scope of issues that individuals, organizations or governments have had to deal with before. The natural byproduct from the implementing of these systems and technologies is the development of a conscious mindset within individuals which extends to create a more conscious collective.

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