The International Academy of Natural Science (IAONS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established for the purpose of supporting global sustainability by bringing to the forefront new technologies for implementation by individuals and organizations.


A world that reflects a compatible, peaceful and thriving relationship among all people and all aspects of the natural environment.


Through the creation of national and international strategic alliances, The International Academy of Natural Science (IAONS) and the International Academy of Holodynamics provide humanitarian projects with integrated resources, collaborative relationships, cutting edge technologies and implementation platforms for global sustainability.

Core Values

Sustainability: Conscious application of science and technology and the human spirit to reflect compatible co-existence.
Alliances: Success achieved through collaborative, complementary partnerships.
Empowerment: Unified collective potential realized through personal responsibility.
Integrity: Respect, honesty, transparency and compassion as hallmarks of all interactions.
Potentialization: Envisioning and implementing all activities for the greatest good of all.


For making contributions to this Humanitarian Trust. please contact us at sue@IAONS.org.

We also accept donations of land, buildings, furniture and goods.
For information please call sue at 928-649-1958.
Thank you.